Sunday, March 15, 2015

Shadows and Sequels and Reincarnations

I dreamt last night the Guardians of the Galaxy movie was actually a sequel to a movie hardly anyone had heard of. It had starred Ron Perlman as a space adventurer. He wore his Hellboy makeup and horn stubs but had shoulder length, curly blonde hair, the reason being, I think, was that the studio decided no-one would see a movie starring Ron Perlman if he wasn't Hellboy so his skin was tinted red and cgi horns were added in post-production. I also dreamt that Nina Simone was reincarnated as a realtor. I was listening to one of her songs in a model home when she walked in with three prospective home owners. I asked if she minded me listening to her music, she said no but looked a little uncomfortable.

I woke up with a really sore neck. I didn't leave the apartment at all yesterday and I think I needed some more exercise so I went downtown and took some photos. Mostly of Horton Plaza, the shopping mall designed by Ray Bradbury.

Twitter Sonnet #726

Rice cracker scorpions drew lots for grain.
Long restless horse appendages relax.
A phantom mouse sloop spied the feline main.
Dry flakes of cheese are a poor income tax.
Pizza grease Golgotha avalanche falls.
Sisyphean Jesuses gestate sauce.
Satan eschews denim short overalls.
A rolling crucifix cleanses no moss.
Chartreuse Charlemagne management resigns.
A sickly rainbow flattens Dan's egg room.
Untried swimsuits rebel across the lines.
Sea chart chances sever a salty doom.
Strawberries fall below the pineapple.
A glowing foot followed the hand grapple.

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