Friday, March 27, 2015

The Other World

My Second Life avatar is dressed like Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks to-day because the monthly fashion event called Collabor88 has hosted a Twin Peaks theme for March. Every month, clothing and furniture designers throughout Second Life create products to a different theme, usually the holiday of whatever month it happens to be. So I was quite surprised to see an event dedicated to a television series from 1990. I could tell many of the designers had never heard of the show but I mostly liked items made by those who knew what it was about.

The "Sherilyn" hair is by Clawtooth, the sweater, pencil skirt, and shoes are by Tres Blah. For some reason, though many shops featured images of saddle shoes, no-one made Audrey's distinctive inverted saddle shoes with white toe.

Two shops ran with the "fish in the percolator" line from the second episode of the series. The fish in this one by Schadenfreude endlessly swims in circles;

Then there's one by Intrigue who also made a replica of the Double R diner sign. It looks good but I can't imagine they sold many.

Some of the best stuff was by Yummy, including a coffee, pie, and log charm necklace. Sadly, the actual log was not available for purchase:

Twitter Sonnet #730

Smiling ink muscles don't limit the news.
Borrowed bouncing betrays physical nods.
Yellow sun language generates the booze.
White out writing witnesses blurred the odds.
Carrot mesas make desert's serrate line.
Crushing blue haze drips noxious water paint.
Yielding tomato sun flares fain resign.
Cactus ratlines stifle a cloud's complaint.
Rainy fog speaks Himalayan language.
An expensive frog forgoes the Rolex.
Flame ling'ring in wet wields earnest baggage.
Leggy systems fill a nation's attics.
Candy Charybdis dreams drizzle red rain.
Blooming lanterns drift across a lost main.

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