Thursday, April 30, 2015

Citizen of Setsuled's Kingdom

I guess this is my new pet cricket. This is the third I've seen turn up in my apartment from who knows where. This one is missing a hind leg so I didn't quite feel right putting him outside to fend for himself. Since I think these crickets I'm finding are descendants of the ones my upstairs neighbour keeps as pets and I hear her baby talking to every evening it felt oddly cruel abandoning one.

I have him in an empty CD spool with a dead rose from my sister's wedding, a bit of bread, and some broccoli. Since I can't seem to go a week without seeing an article reminding me I'm a disgusting monster for having fed bread to birds, I hope it's not harmful to crickets. He seemed to like the broccoli, burying his face in the stem.

It was 109 Fahrenheit at school yesterday which makes me glad next week is my last week assistant teaching in the Japanese class. By the way, maybe I should warn people about the rampant disease and misfortune that seemed to manifest last week on the day of the exam--two students were far too sick to attend class, one was in the emergency room because his grandfather had two heart attacks, another injured himself helping his friend move. Fortunately everyone seemed to have recovered by the next class session.

Here are a few more pictures I've taken recently;

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