Sunday, April 05, 2015

The Champion of Easter is Here

Happy Easter, everyone, the day we commemorate learning that Christ's sacrifice was completely pointless. All I'm saying is, there's a reason Nicholas Meyer didn't want to direct Star Trek III. Well, Star Trek III doesn't really diminish Star Trek II because, unlike Jesus, Spock didn't know he was going to come back. The Doctor's regenerations on Doctor Who work because each Doctor is so different. Christ was just playing with us. Well, he was trying to make us ashamed of ourselves. And maybe a little shame is healthy.

So, if he wasn't the son of God, we wouldn't be ashamed because it would be just another execution. If he didn't come back from the dead, he would have just been some nobody. Hmm. Well, it's a good thing I never went into the clergy.

What we need right now is a hero or a bunny, ideally a hero in a bunny suit.

Remember, the radish you water to-day is the spaceship of to-morrow.

Twitter Sonnet #733

Wooden sky stimulants dissolve sugar.
Giraffe foundations donate high nostrils.
Gum minded crimes can jam up the luger.
Dream world Costner dirty danced with kestrels.
Cocoanut collisions sully lampoons.
Drugstore chemists mimic the Atlantic.
Emerging jellies embroider harpoons.
Noses notice negated elastic.
Lavender rats revolve round egg timers.
Basket hair'll herald the lame mobster.
Violence loses salience for climbers.
Yellow eyes of moons still search for Gloucester.
Christ's crumbles contain powerful panko.
Eggs, bring me gold or bring me the Sampo!

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