Monday, April 27, 2015

Who Wants a Throne, Anyway? Not Me, No Ser!

Margery teaches Tommen that sex is neat, Cersei and Tyrion find it's best never to leave the palanquin, Brienne turns out to be Kaylee from Firefly, Jon Snow and Arya Stark face losing identity to get what they want, and Jonathan Pryce will never get anywhere in a suit like that in the new Game of Thrones.

Except he doesn't want to get anywhere, or so he says. Unlike the character he played in Brazil, who at least until he met his dream girl was happy in an unambitious anonymous position in a grey bureaucracy, the High Sparrow, despite preaching everyone is equal, came to King's Landing, the seat of power in Westeros. A fact Cersei points out and the only point he can't seem to counter with his humility rap. It is nice to see Jonathan Pryce on the show and he infuses the High Sparrow with warmth that one can see as being rather persuasive while exhibiting a very subtle, elusive ambiguity of motive.

By the way, am I the only one who hopes Julian Glover is going to be the big, dark horse power player in the final season?

This guy's been on the show from the beginning and we already know he fakes his infirmity. This is the actor who played the main villain in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, could Maester on the sidelines really be the extent of his role?

Maybe he's one of the faceless assassins, the cult Arya's joined. This was a really fine moment for Maisie Williams who, rather fortunately for the series, seems to have grown into a good actress--not that she was bad before but you never can tell with these things.

Sophie Turner is hard to gauge at this point. But I like where her story's going even though I think Ramsey Bolton is ridiculous.

Nearby, Podrick has a nice moment where he tells Brienne how he became a squire and then Brienne's character is undermined as she tells him about attending a ball where the boys laughed at her until Renly rescued her by dancing with her. So much for the little tomboy she told Arya about who wanted to be a warrior.

Overall a nice episode, though. I kind of hope Jon Snow stays at the wall and all of his story gradually becomes totally irrelevant to everything else. What is wrong with me? Hell, I can't help it.

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