Saturday, April 11, 2015

Doctor Parts

Here we are again at another Doctor Who Saturday and we visit Project: Lazarus, a 2003 audio play which continues the mutilated Doctor theme. It's also a sequel to Project: Twilight, a Sixth Doctor story about Sci-Fi vampires, apparently unrelated to the ones in State of Decay or "The Vampires of Venice" or The Curse of Fenric or any of the other vampires established on the series. I liked Project: Lazarus a lot more than Project: Twilight, though.

It's both a Sixth Doctor story and a Seventh Doctor story, an idea I really liked--the story concludes in the middle and then a new story begins where the Seventh Doctor, much later, visits the same time and place only to find what appears to be his sixth incarnation still there. Colin Baker does a teasing impression of Sylvester McCoy that actually made me smile.

The story also continues the trend towards harsher, darker stories that dwell on the idea that the Doctor doesn't always win. It's really nice to have stories like that, not just because it makes his victories mean more but because it makes his universe feel more dangerous.

Let's see, what else can I say about Doctor Who. I rewatched the Fifth Doctor story Time Flight and the Twelfth Doctor episode "Into the Dalek". The former confirmed for me that the Fifth's audio plays are much better written than his television episodes and I was reminded how tired I got of seeing the Master in the Five and Six era. "Into the Dalek" holds up pretty well though I still wish the Dalek hadn't said that stuff about divinity.

Have I mentioned Twelve is my favourite Doctor of the new series? It's not even a contest, I love him so much.

I dreamt last night I was visiting Caitlin and she was showing me a large bag of keepsakes while we watched television. To get the bag, she'd had to go into a small room under the stairs. I heard a scuffle and screaming. In the bag were VHS tapes and some kind of crude objects made of twigs painted black and tied with twine.

I also had a dream about someone breaking into a room I had in the sky and moving some things from an upstairs closet to a downstairs kitchen table.

Twitter Sonnet #735

Mashing Skittles takes silly sugar guts.
Figures denote knowledge of frequency.
Ice cream piano Amazons burn huts.
Cheap and greasy pizza fails piquancy.
Crystal freight has fallen on unshorn brows.
Ceramic thoughts filter through wooden blades.
Houndstooth tie nooses turn to jagged ploughs.
Enterprises drift through valets and maids.
Adventure ventricles trickle for fun.
Cat explanations aim right for the ice.
Spain's inquisitions comply with the sun.
And so smartly laid are the plans of mice.
Yellowed plastic cases pervade the beige.
Spaghetti darkness demands noodle wage.

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