Sunday, April 19, 2015

Of Swallows and Wine

Swarms of swallows outside the hotel were relentlessly trying to make mud nests on the underside of the awning despite their efforts being periodically hosed off. I say let the swallows take over.

Meanwhile, humans were getting married, namely my sister, Chelsea, and her new husband, Alex (no, he's not Petyr Baelish). I made a nuisance of myself trying to get pictures of people when they weren't posing for pictures.

My little cousin, Ava, the flower girl.

Guests gathering, spotlight on friends of the couple, Erica and her boyfriend whose name I think is Eric unless my brain is assuming couples generally have similar names. I've had a lot of wine this weekend.

My sister's pen pal from Atlanta who was wearing my favourite outfit at the wedding. I learned later the dress and shoes were actually my sister's.

The difference between zoom and closeup, if you want to know.

My hat I was forbidden to wear during the ceremony.

Wistful flower girl, perhaps remembering.

Going up.

And coming back down.

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