Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Doctor and the Omega

To-day's important for two reasons--my sister's getting married to-day and, of course, it's Saturday so I need to talk about Doctor Who. I only had time to listen to one audio play this week, 2003's Omega, a Fifth Doctor story that follows the television episode The Arc of Infinity. It nicely follows up on the potential only slightly tapped into in the final episode of Arc of Infinity when Omega, the Time Lords' one time hero and now foe wandering Amsterdam in an unstable clone body of the Fifth Doctor as part of a desperate attempt to escape from his antimatter universe. There's a nice contemplation of how history makes heroes and villains of people reflected in the Doctor's personality overwhelming Omega at times and the actual Doctor revealing another horrible mistake he's made.

I'm writing this morning from the hotel room at a winery where my sister's getting married. We had rehearsal yesterday so I wandered around taking pictures. There are so many lizards here, it's great.

My sister (right) and her friend Kelly contemplate the coming of the dreaded grape storm.

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