Friday, January 22, 2016

Dekpa Learns Possession is Only for the Right People

Another chapter of my comic The Devils Dekpa and Deborah is online. It goes to show, no matter how accepting the people around you may seem of spiritual or demonic possession, it's always possible to commit a faux pas.

My usual practice is to make a 24 page issue which I sell on DriveThru comics in PDF format for one dollar and then release for free in eight chapter segments every two weeks over the course of six weeks. Basically, you'll get to read it all for free eventually but if you give me a dollar you get to read it a lot sooner. It's basically an incentive for a donation.

I don't know whether the next issue will be available two weeks from now, though, because I'm just in the beginning stages of moving to a new apartment and I just started school. I sure wish I had a lot more time. Anyway, enjoy the first twenty four pages to your heart's content.

Happy birthday, Walter Raleigh, Francis Bacon, Captain Kidd, Lord Byron, Conrad Veidt, Sergei Eisenstein, Sonny Chiba, and John Hurt. Twitter Sonnet #833

The Great Went tabled all discussions related
To hamburgers from great cities too old
To be decently ugly, sharp, fated
For level planes and muffin stars now cold
Long left on plates deactivated pig
Iron and miner coins which rain from weeds;
Abandoned wash, a coat or dusty wig
A mannequin's or Auton's silent needs
Too much of paraffin for finless sharks
Unborn in gaslamped minnow dreams accrued
By mental manipulators, the sharps
Of cards concealed in love's oil yet crude
Invested coils, unfathomed serpents
In froth of massy whales like frost repents.

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