Thursday, August 04, 2011

Candy Rosary Beads of the Daleks

This was the precise moment I realised the tenth Doctor's outfit reminded me of Pee Wee Herman. This is probably not somewhere my mind would have gone if the two parter, "The Stolen Earth"/"Journey's End" hadn't mostly consisted of things I had to make a conscious effort to ignore, most of them revolving around the presence of Rose Tyler and her mother apparently being chosen by an alternate universe's military to come through to this universe to fight the Daleks with huge energy weapons. Which steely Rose cocks as she stares up at the sky, long before any Daleks show up. Later, she coolly walks away from a building exploding in the background because, I guess, she's badass now because we haven't seen her in a while.

Conveniently, the only people involved in saving the world, drawing from the population of the entire globe, are people the Doctor's already met recently.

I did like Davros showing up, though. I liked how his voice had gone back to Genesis of the Daleks volume--it had gotten a bit shrill in the 1980s. It was a bit silly how obsessed he and the emperor Dalek were with making the Doctor feel emotions.

The Wikipedia entries talk about how many of the plot points resolved in this two parter were intentionally seeded throughout the previous four seasons, though I kind of question the veracity of some things, especially the Ood predicting "Doctor/Donna." It seemed more like they said "Doctor/Donna" because that's how the Doctor introduced the two of them. I was half expecting the Doctor to say, "Oh! Remember how I used the word 'the' in a sentence last year? Well, we've been helplessly using 'the' all day to-day, creating a temporal The Field which began gestating on that day a year ago, and everyone knows The Fields create instabilities in Dalekanium!"

I do love that this episode unequivocally negated the half-human Doctor idea established in the eighth Doctor's TV movie, though I'm not sure how that works when "Human Nature" definitely established the eighth Doctor as canon.

I was reminded a bit of the last episode of Gunbuster 2 when the Doctor used the TARDIS to tow the Earth across the galaxy, particularly in that it was rather ineffective. In both cases, one rather suspects the atmospheric disturbances would be a little more severe than some extra rainy days.

Twitter Sonnet #289

Evil blue skirts have laid petticoat plots.
It's the wiggling ears mark the juggling witch.
The hardest SOSes are ink blots.
And the lever is a masculine switch.
Newsstands are filled by a lizard's thumb pen.
Glossy ink blackens the flimsy clawed arm.
Grass stains mark the whites of the sheathed leg men.
Blood detergent can do even more harm.
Ditzy pink tops spin over the asphalt.
Understand whales by facial expression.
Deeply sauced mammals smile by default.
No pencil does a charcoal impression.
Tweet protein clouds filter through the baleen.
The winning plankton are now digesting.

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