Monday, August 22, 2011

Embedded Silver Dollars

I already feel like I'm running behind for my first day of school--at least I don't have a stomach flu like in my last semester. What a novelty it'll be to be there on the first day.

I watched the two part premiere to Doctor Who's 2011 season last night. Yes, this year's season. They even refer to 2011 onscreen. Exciting. I can speculate about the season arc story along with everyone else. I would point out, to begin with, that none of the companions seem to make note of the fact that Canton had shown up with a tank of gasoline apparently having been instructed by the Doctor to dispose of his body. Which means the Doctor planned on dying. I'm guessing he did so because he wished to convince the Silence that he was out of the way.

The Silence (or Silents) are actually effectively creepy despite being the pretty standard grey alien design. Though the line, "The Silence will fall," doesn't actually sound like something they should be bragging about.

It was a good pair of episodes, lots of tension. Though I have to admit being bothered by how the Doctor only seemed giddy about the impeding mass slaughter of Silents.

Apparently the elder Canton is played by the father of the guy playing the younger Canton. The younger I recognised from his role on Firefly and a couple of other things. The older one looked familiar to me to, but I couldn't put my finger on from where. Then, by complete coincidence, I watched Wild at Heart afterwards and immediately recognised him as Mr. Reindeer. The Doctor said to pay attention to coincidence unless you're very busy and I need to get to class . . .

Twitter Sonnet #295

Rusty Tetris pieces shriek on contact.
Wet streamers squirm in the grey party brain.
Boiling makeup's squeezed out of the compact.
Razor sharp ice cream scoops assault the train.
Worried tan gentlemen wear iron suits.
Alarmed jello populates a clay town.
Inert rooftop thugs drink through shadow roots.
Trousers made from butter quickly turn brown.
Wand'ring error warnings have been replaced.
Missing torches haven't the choice of off.
By the rook Alice complacently raced.
Parmesan quesadilla made her cough.
Jigsaw pawns sleep on treadmills to glory.
Blushing armies trip into a story.

Happy birthday, Ray Bradbury.

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