Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Hasty Post

This is the outfit my avatar wore to the chess tournament on Saturday. It's called Dream Thief by Caverne Obscura, though the mask, as usual, is by Siyu Suen. How someone can make an outfit called Dream Thief that doesn't include a mask is beyond me.

The pictures were taken at Donna Flora's new winter collection site, outfits from said collection visible on the wall in the background.

Twitter Sonnet #305

Surprising seltzer aligns gut printer.
Hat monitors approve the only sash.
The last giraffe here was a bad sprinter.
The new one's been given bubble gum hash.
Milky marijuana drags the lactose.
Operation surgeons misspell sergeant.
Inedible grass weaves green thanatos.
Kirk Douglas ran a police department.
Split arrows are difficult to shoot twice.
Cymbals crash and the breaker fly is dead.
Monoliths never have to break the ice.
Obsidian mattress makes a bad bed.
Battery cases won't permit a dime.
Scalp mounted snail clocks give vertigo time.

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