Monday, September 12, 2011

Persisting Rooms

Now I'm just lighting candles for fun. Nice little satanic setup I had there, huh?

Last night I dreamt about the next Doctor Who episode, apparently inspired by the trailer at the end of the latest episode. I dreamt there were copies of my grandfather in the creepy hotel seen in the episode trailer, from different periods in his life, and three copies of the Doctor, as well, one of whom was from just before the eleven hundred year old Doctor in the season premiere. He was going through a hardcore hippy phase, had very long hair, was wearing a floppy green canvas bonnet and a threadbare overcoat and he was travelling with a whole family of hippies.

I must to school again.

Twitter Sonnet #302

Dark elf love handles succumb to fell mitt.
Squares spell the end of the curly letter.
Grey cultists need someone to baby-sit.
Stilt walker's a long distance bed wetter.
Real werewolves google the Morrowind kind.
Wolves on two legs can't work a skate diner.
Tacky necklaces bring down the tooth mine.
But rock molars profit the tooth miner.
Soft rectangles of yellow sugar shake.
Quick names convey incidental nonsense.
Big heads do more than keep Nazis awake.
Flammable visions ignite at expense.
Every second sees a new burrito.
Only the worthy bean is called pinto.

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