Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Comic Con Report, volume 2: Exhibit Hall Edition

Here's a genuine Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This was at a booth at Comic Con auctioning off authentic Hollywood props.

Artefacts from yesterday's future, via Back to the Future: Part II.

Part of the Ark of the Covenant from Raiders of the Lost Ark. You might notice, by the way, that the Ark in the first Indiana Jones film looks almost identical to how it looks in biblical epic films of the 50s like David and Bathsheba and Solomon and Sheba. This might be one of Spielberg's nods to the films that influenced him but it also might be because the Ark of the Covenant is described with amazingly precise detail in the bible.

A genuine production used lightsabre from A New Hope.

Glenda the Good Witch's broach from The Wizard of Oz. If the "witch" part hadn't already enraged the Puritan viewer the immodest display of opulence would certainly be the last straw.

Friday, the day most of these photos are from, I spent almost entirely wandering the Exhibit Hall. I didn't think there were panels I wanted to see though I wish I'd gone to the Amazon panel. My eyes passed right over the title "Amazon Prime" in the schedule and only later did I read the fine print and see it was in fact a panel for Good Omens and The Expanse. Oh, well.

Joss Whedon along with Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion signing for the anniversary of Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog.

"That's a beautiful gown," I said to this woman who made her costume herself. "But it looks warm."

"It is warm," she acknowledged gravely. The temperatures got to over 100 Fahrenheit this year. I felt bad for a lot of cosplayers, particularly the Wookiees.

Artist Joe Phillips who, as in previous years, always wore an amazing, completely different costume each day of the Con. "You're an endless fount of creativity," I told him.

A female Predator and her friend Domino from Deadpool 2. The Deadpool booth had a hilarious animatronic Chuck E. Cheese homage this year.

I saw this Seventh Doctor on Sunday. After Thursday I saw a couple women dressed as Four and a few more just wearing Thirteen's coat.

The only Slave Leia I saw this year. "There used to be legions of you!" I said to her.

"I was hoping to see more," she said.

When I asked if I could take a picture she asked if I minded her cigarette. "Not at all, that's great!" I said.

The ghost of Mozart's father from the movie Amadeus.

On the trolley on the way to Comic Con on Friday I read the new Sirenia Digest which included the second and final part of THE ELDRITCH ALPHABET written by Caitlin R. Kiernan in tribute to HP Lovecraft. It features vignettes for letters in the alphabet from "N is for Nyarlathotep" to "Z is for Zoog". I particularly liked "R is for R'lyeh" which features a cool, fresh perspective on Cthulhu worship through the eyes of one of Caitlin's own characters, the Signalman, who should be familiar to fans of her excellent book Black Helicopters.

I'll have more on this year's Comic Con in to-morrow's entry.

Twitter Sonnet #1137

The absent plastic made a space for text.
A million heads'll not replace a rock.
A boarding school became forgotten next.
A hundred words replaced the single sock.
Required phones dictate the normal hand.
A fan without a ceiling held the roof.
No guessing tells where heavy horses land.
No mane or tail connects before the hoof.
A ship constructed well rewards the rum.
A tiny sheet aligns the card for sail.
Along the dock the ants begin to hum.
Below the waves the fish began to wail.
The same hotel appeared accross the street.
The avenue assembled extra feet.

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